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How to get the perfect video call setup, whatever your budget

How to get the perfect video call setup, regardless of your budget

Have you ever been on a video call, and the other person's video quality looks and sounds BAD?

They might be looking at a laptop webcam (never a great angle). And because they are poorly lighted, they appear to be criminals. Also, they could be using a cheap microphone that gives off the impression that they are making a poor phone call?

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The business owner’s briefing: Reduce the burden on your brain. Focus more, be interrupted less… and get stuff done

Briefing for business owners: Lighten the load on your mind

Concentrate more, be less interrupted... and get things done.

Your cognitive load can be burdensome when you own or run a business.

Not only do you have your own work to consider, but you also have to divide your attention between that and what your people require of you.

That can mean constant interruptions, a growing to-do list, and never quite reaching the work/life balance you desire. Which was most likely one of your key objectives when you first established your company.

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Your essential cloud migration strategy checklist

Essential guide for your cloud migration strategy

Thinking about moving your business's applications and data over to a cloud-based solution? Breaking out in a cold sweat and dropping off the entire idea is understandable.

It's not easy. And there's a couple of things that might go wrong, from things not working as they should be, or increased downtime to data loss.

The good things is, if you get it done properly, the benefits are countless. These include increased security, big cost savings, and better scalability. Furthermore, there may be additional features that you can access and utilize.

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